‘Sensitive skin’ is a term we see and hear everywhere, from skincare product packaging to Instagram influencers and conversations with friends. Around 50% of people claim to have sensitive skin, but what does it actually mean, and if you have it, how do you treat it?
We all have our favorite skincare and beauty products that we’ve had for months, maybe even years, but can’t bring ourselves to throw away. The clay face mask you’re trying to find the perfect night in to use, the eyeshadow you wore to match that dress at a wedding two years ago, the black lipstick you wore at Halloween... you’ll definitely use all these again, right?! More importantly than matching it to the right occasion, you need to think about whether it’s still safe, or beneficial to put on your skin.
There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a dry, crusty face of makeup that you forgot (or couldn’t be bothered) to take off the night before. Even if you manage to get to your nighttime skincare routine before collapsing into bed, you might still be missing bits of makeup that escaped the wipe, or scrubbing your skin too hard and damaging it in worse ways than leftover makeup residue ever could!
If you’ve been craving a little vitamin D over the last few months (or years?!) in lockdown, you’re certainly not the only one. As the world is opening up again and summer holidays are back on the cards for some, you might be heading to the beach, a pool, or just a walk in the park to lap up those beautiful rays of sunshine. Even if you’ve been extra careful applying and topping up your sunscreen, seeking shade, and all those well intentioned things, it’s likely you still caused some visible damage on the surface, or hidden dangers lurking deeper down.
As you may know, coffee has always been at the heart of gabi+skin. So much so that even our name ‘gabi’ means coffee in Taiwanese! We’ve updated our brand to ensure that all of our products are coffee-infused. Each product targets a different problemed area, and together, they make a perfect daily facial routine. Here’s an easy 4 step skincare routine for you to try, and a few reasons why adding coffee extract will work wonders for your skin!

While the perfect morning routine will vary between individuals, we've sought out some of the best tips that you can use to improve your morning and kickstart your day! With these five easy steps, you can rest assured that you are taking the right steps to maintain a healthy daily skin routine.