'GABI' means coffee in Taiwanese

GABI+SKIN is a vegan skin care brand based in Taiwan, powered by green coffee extract. Founded in 2019 by Mandy, who has sensitive and mixed skin, the brand was born out of her need for suitable skin care products.

After discovering coffee-based products that provided a mild and skin-friendly feeling, she was surprised to find that similar products were scarce in Taiwan. This inspired her to create her own.

A humble DIY beginning

When our co-founder Mandy Wu tried to find a natural exfoliating coffee scrub in Taiwan she was surprised to come up empty — she decided to make it herself. She loaded up on organic coconut oil, brown sugar, salt, and coffee grounds at Costco and created the first batch of scrub. Since there was so much of it, she put it in jars and gave it away to friends and family — this is how we got started.

We exclude 2,700+ unhealthy, dirty ingredients to ensure our products are safe for your health and the environment. Find out what GABI+SKIN is made of below.


From raw material selection to packaging and services, GABI+SKIN supports environmental sustainability. All packaging materials and containers are recyclable and eco-friendly, and unnecessary paper manuals, packaging, and plastics are reduced to reduce the burden on the planet.

Additionally, we participate in the Eden Reforestation Project and donate money each month based on our sales. This allows us to "sell a product, plant a tree" on a regular basis.