'GABI' means coffee in Taiwanese

Our products contain a green coffee extract that brings amazing skin health benefits. The caffeine, fatty acids, and chlorogenic acid found within coffee also help diminish signs of aging and keep your skin tight and hydrated.

Our original coffee scrub was created in Taiwan, so the name GABI+SKIN comes from the word "coffee" in the Taiwanese language. Since the beginning, we have been researching, developing, and revising our product formulas using more natural ingredients to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, for a skin-first approach to beauty.

A humble DIY beginning

When our co-founder Mandy Wu tried to find a natural exfoliating coffee scrub in Taiwan she was surprised to come up empty — she decided to make it herself. She loaded up on organic coconut oil, brown sugar, salt, and coffee grounds at Costco and created the first batch of scrub. Since there was so much of it, she put it in jars and gave it away to friends and family — this is how we got started.


We care deeply about our environment and we believe that giving back to it — even in small ways — is something we should do to ensure future generations have a healthy, natural world to enjoy.