Having started our own skincare brand here in Taiwan, we’re a big believer in homegrown products. If you’re new to Taiwanese beauty, or T-beauty, here are a few reasons why you need these products in your skincare routine.
There is no doubt that weather affects the health and appearance of your skin. How different types of weather affect our skin depends on factors such as genetics, the make-up we use, humidity, or how we expose ourselves to the sun.
It’s no secret that working out is good for us. If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or improve your health, hitting the gym a few times a week is the obvious place to start.  But did you know that exercising also benefits your skin? Here’s a few more reasons to get off your sofa and push yourself that extra mile.

We’re constantly reading articles and watching tutorials from our favorite beauty bloggers about the best new products, tips and tricks. Try as we may to have the perfect skincare routine, there are a few rumors and old wives tales that have crept into our subconscious, messing up our potentially flawless skin! It’s time to put a few of these myths to bed, once and for all!

Everybody is unique, and finding the right ingredients that are specifically suited to us is an essential step in skin and hair care product selection. Essential oils are nature's answer to straightforward skincare. Just a few drops into a carrier oil and the potent healing, hydrating and oil-absorbing properties are dialed down to a level that's safe - and deeply beneficial - for your skin.