Coffee-Infused Hydrating Lotion — 100 ml
Coffee-Infused Hydrating Lotion — 100 ml
Facial Hydrating Lotion — Geranium, 100 ml
Coffee-Infused Hydrating Lotion — 100 ml
Coffee-Infused Hydrating Lotion — 100 ml

Coffee-Infused Hydrating Lotion — 100 ml

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"I like it so much! Super moisturizing and refreshing, I will definitely repurchase again."

Aroma: Geranium
Effect: Moisturizing, Soothing
Essential Oil: 0.1%
Coffee Extract: 1.0%

This hydrating lotion contains moisturizing oils, vitamins, and coffee extract to provide a protective layer and lock hydration into the skin. The coffee extract is extremely high in antioxidants that may provide added protection against UV and free radicals, as well as help to increase circulation to the skin. The gentle formula has a subtle geranium scent that is not overpowering.

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Geranium Essential Oil, Coffea Arabica Seed Extract, Zingiber Officinale Root Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5

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Simple Ingredients
Gentle Formulation

This hydrating lotion is specifically formulated with simple ingredients for sensitive skin that is very gentle and protecting.

This serum features 0.1% geranium essential oil that not only adds a light freshness, but also has been used for centuries as a remedy for anxiety and to uplift your mood.

The ingredients will feel light on your skin and there is no sticky or greasy feeling after use. This lotion is perfect to lock in moisture without feeling too heavy on the skin.

Super Ingredient
Why Coffee Extract?

We add 1.0% green coffee seed extract (Coffea Arabica) to this product because the ingredients found in coffee are truly great for your skin!

Green coffee extract contains a few important ingredients including chlorogenic acid (CGA), fatty acids, vitamins, and caffeine — all bring benefits to your skin.

The chlorogenic acid (CGA) has anti-inflammatory effects and is a powerful antioxidant. The caffeine helps increase circulation by dilating blood vessels and helps to remove excess fluid from fat cells to reduce puffiness. The fatty acids help to moisturize and hydrate your skin.

Easy to Apply
How to Use

Apply a generous amount on your fingertips, and rub into cleansed skin after treating with toner and serum. Reapply as necessary for more moisturization and protection.

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Taiwan Taiwan


我真的太愛這罐乳液。 草本香氣超級療癒,質地也非常舒服,重點是修護能力很強,除了維持臉部保濕,它還拯救了我的手! 我的手因為清潔劑突然發炎龜裂,用遍手邊的護手霜、主打修護的乳液blablabla,但我的手指就像小小沙漠一樣,無論抹什麼都馬上乾掉、無動於衷。 奮鬥一個晚上,就算敷凡士林乳液還戴手套,還是超乾。靈機一動決定死馬當活馬醫,想說這罐乳液成分溫和,應該也不太刺激,抹了四五次,兩小時之內奇蹟發生!請看照片!!! 所以出動我正在發炎的手指,立刻衝來寫評價,正在猶豫要不要購入的人,真的可以試試看這罐乳液,這種手部急性的乾裂都能救了,臉上的小脫皮真的是piece of cake,不誇張,真的是天降甘霖般神奇的存在❤️ P.s.敲碗出護手霜

gabi+skin 咖啡萃取緊緻保濕乳 100 ml Review


Hi JoJo,非常感謝您留這麼棒的評價!很高興我們的產品拯救了你的手,看照片真的差很多~不瞞您說,我也會拿我們的乳液來擦身體,雖然有點奢侈,不過因為我不喜歡很多其他的身體乳擦起來都黏黏的感覺,只好拿自家的來擦身體了,一下就吸收,完全不黏~你也可以試試擦身體喔,護手霜的部分我們需要內部討論一下,謝謝JoJo的建議^^

怡靜 黃.
Taiwan Taiwan


這次購入咖啡淬取平衡調理液跟咖啡注入包濕乳液 這兩年我的肌膚狀況很不穩定,原本膚況是混合偏乾正常狀況下不太會長痘,不知道從什麼時候開始,用到不適合我的產品就會大冒痘,用了試用包發現這個產品不會讓我長痘痘甚至幫助我的膚況更穩定!讓我原本因用錯產品長的痘痘消了85%左右,還讓我的毛孔變得更小肌膚更細緻,早上起床後臉也不油(就是油水平衡的感覺) 我平常很少寫心得回饋的,不過因為功效太好我真的大推!!!



Hi 怡靜,非常感謝您給予這麼好這麼仔細的評價!很高興您的膚況改善很多,我們近期正在研發更保濕的精華液喔~敬請期待^^

Taiwan Taiwan





Hi Athena,非常感謝您的評價和支持!

Taiwan Taiwan

Highly recommend!

It smells very comfortable and healing~ It can be absorbed well after rubbing on it, and it feels moisturized after rubbing on the face! Hope the skin will get better after rubbing it for a while The delivery speed is also very fast, and the packaging is also very environmentally friendly with paper

gabi+skin 咖啡萃取緊緻保濕乳 100 ml Review


Hi Shanshan, thank you very much for your comments. We are happy that you like our new coffee seed extract infused lotion. I also using it in the morning and evening. We recommended putting it in the refrigerator during the hot months, it feels great applied cold.

婉君 蔡.
Taiwan Taiwan

Coffee-Infused Hydrating Lotion




Hi 婉君,非常感謝您的評價!很高興你喜歡我們的乳液^^